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Like a growing number of brands in the cycling industry we are keen to explore the potential of 3D printing – and we want you to join us!

Below you’ll find a some free .3mf print files and some notes on how we slice and print them. If you haven’t got a 3D Printer we sell all these prints as products on the site – the headings below will link you straight to them.

While the list is pretty short at the moment, we’ve got a lot more prints in the works so make sure to keep checking back – and if there’s a part you think we should start printing please
Get In Touch!

If you need a replacement handle for your Park Tool Spoke Tension Meter, look no further!

We recommend printing with ~15% infill and 4 perimeters. The file includes a vertical line that should force your slicer to generate a single perimeter along the edge of the overhang, which you can easily remove after printing. You can also use traditional support material but we’ve found the single perimeter is perfect for this print and significantly reduces the amount of wasted material and post processing.

Chris Heerchap’s Scruler – a ruler for measuring screws!

It is capable of identifying all the common thread diameters and pitches on modern bikes along with bolt lengths. This model is for 3D printed threads, the second generation we sell features threaded steel inserts and sleeker mid-layer colour changes.

Chris has all his printing instructions listed on the Printables page linked below.

Chris Heerchap was inspired by a very similar tool (printed on heavy card stock) from DT Swiss which they gave out at a mechanics’ seminar several years ago.

It’s a simple tool that you can use to identify Boost vs non-Boost hubs and thru axle diameters quickly and easily.

Chris has all his printing instructions listed on the Printables page linked below.

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