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Hey 👋 I’m Jack. Welcome to Beaut Bike!

A question I get all the time is “Where did the idea for Beaut Bike come from?”

The answer is pretty simple, I wanted to replace my hodge podge set of tools with a complete set of quality tools and couldn’t find a reliable, well priced source in Australia – so I made one!

The Origin.

What makes a tool Beaut?

When I started Beaut Bike, I had to find a way to cut through the immense amount of tools out there and decide what I wanted to sell.  I came up with 4 criteria that a tool had to meet for me to stock it:

  1. Designed and built to last – even under the harsh conditions of a professional workshop.
  2. Spare parts must be available.
  3. Plastic must be kept to a minimum.
  4. Prices must be reasonable – I have no interest in paying more for a tool just because it has a cycling brand on it.

Even today, we still hold every tool we stock to that criteria!

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