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Altangle Hangar Work Stand

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Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic Work Stand

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Altangle Hangar Connect

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The world is your oyster Bike Stand!

Perfect for those who find themselves working, riding, or living in dynamic situations, the Hangar Connect’s greatest strength is its versatility – whether it’s using a tent pole, van ladder, street sign, bike stand, or another stable structure the Hangar Connect gives you the ability to work on, clean or simply display your bike in a convenient and secure manner.

When folded it’s size is a mere 38 x 14 x 5 cm, weighing it at just 2 kg. Then when it’s time to get some wrenching done, the Hangar can be clamped onto a wide variety of different structures, including round, rectangular and, in some cases, even flat “countertop” like surfaces, without the need for tools. The entire Hangar Connect is made from high quality aluminium which is anodised for corrosion and wear resistance. Both clamps can be rotated 360° with 12 lock-out point and can be attached horizontally or vertically depending on what you’re clamping. The clamp itself can hold tubes with a maximum diameter of 9 cm (including aero posts!) with 3D printed jaws to protect your precious bike.

Altangle rate the Hangar Connect for 20 kg weight limit, however, it is important to consider the support structure it is clamped to – shape, size, material, and more are all things to take into consideration.

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