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Beaut Bike Ultimate Nipple Shuffling Tray



Introducing the Ultimate Nipple Shuffling Tray for professional bicycle wheel building!

Over 18 months of R&D in local bike shops around the country have gone into developing this tray to increase your wheel building efficiency, here’s why it’s a game changer:

The Nipple Washer Ramps make this tray truly unique. They are sloped to self clear and keep your washers ready at the bottom corner of the tray, then all you need to do is push a nipple into a washer and drag it up a ramp. If you’re building wheels with nipple washers, this tray is guaranteed to save your workshop time. We offer two variations designed specifically for left and right handed people – if you’re left handed go for a left handed one, it’s pretty easy!

The Nipple Slots are worth a closer look too, they are capable of holding 145 nipples when fully loaded, enough to build 4 or 5 wheels! They are suitable for nipples ranging from 13G to 15G and will even fit some 12G, with lengths up to 18 mm (longer nipples will fine work too, just not perfectly). The slots pass all the way through the tray and are designed to be self clearing so any stray nipple washers or grit will pass straight through, however they are still very stiff to support the nipple when its being picked up by a loading tool. Lastly, there is a tall 20 mm wall to prevent nipples from flying all over your floor whilst shuffling. A Divider can also be added to allow you to easily separate two different kinds of nipples in the slots.

The Rubber Feet are the first of their kind on a Nipple Tray and prevent it from sliding all over your workbench – even if it’s a slippery stainless steel one. They’re recessed slightly into the body of the Tray for a clean look and Replacements are Available.

The BSC Tools Nipple Loading Tool is an optional extra but are the best option for a loading tool in our opinion. At 110 mm long they are great for deep dish rims and have the necessary length to make the most of our Nipple Washer Ramps. They are machined from Stainless in the UK and feature a Sealed 626 bearing so they freely spin in your hand.

These trays measure 118*118*40 mm and are printed in-house in sunny Brisbane, Australia from durable PET-G.

Can’t find shipping to your country at checkout? Shoot me an email and I’ll sort it out for you!

If you or your shop is after 3 or more trays also please shoot me an email as we would love to offer you 15% discount on Tray/Loading Tool Packages and can even print in your shop colours and with your logo or mechanic’s names for no extra charge. Please note this offer is only available to those looking to purchase 3 or more trays.

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