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BSC Tools M8 Bearing Extractor Drift Pairs

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BSC Tools Over Axle Bearing Drift Pair


BSC Tools’ Over Axle Bearing Drifts are designed to install sealed bearings onto shouldered axles in most popular sealed bearing hubs and is compatible with 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 17mm, 18mm and 20mm bearing inside diameters (ID). The drifts are designed to be driven by a bearing press through the middle of the hub’s axle (we recommend BSC’s M8 Press). All the drifts are anodised in BSC’s signature orange for wear and corrosion protection and laser engraved for easy identification. 6000, 6001, 6002, 6003, 6904, 15×26, and 17×28 drifts are 6mm in length and are designed to be used with a 35 mm counterpart drift with the same ID e.g. 6000 with 6800 or 6900 (all have 10mm ID), 6001 with 6801/6901 (all have 12mm ID) etc.

Full Set includes all 16 Drift Pairs: 15×26, 17×28, 18×30, 6000, 6900, 6001, 6801, 6901, 6002, 6802, 6902, 6003, 6803, 6903, 6804, 6904.

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