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CMH Designs Top Load Brake Block Set


Chris Heerschap’s Printed Designs Brake Bleed Blocks insert into the top of hydraulic disc brakes and have a integrated stop that keeps them in place!

This fixes two issues with most OEM brake bleeding blocks. 1. They have to be loaded from the bottom of the caliper where often the frame or mounting hardware interferes and makes inserting the bleed block difficult. and 2. Once you’ve got it installed, if you don’t take the time to hold it in place with the fixing pin, the bleed block can fall out halfway through the process.

Shimano also has a procedure for cleaning and lubricating the pistons that requires you to modify one of the yellow bleed blocks, so to save you the work, Chris has also designed piston exposure blocks. It’s similar to the bleed block although one side is stepped, so when you pump the brake, specific piston/s are allowed to extend just enough that you can thoroughly clean then without the risk of them popping out.

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  • Shimano MTB 2 piston calipers which take G/J pads – colour coded red
  • Shimano MTB 4 piston calipers which take D/H/N pads – colour coded blue
  • Shimano Road 2 piston calipers which take K/L pads – colour coded purple
  • SRAM Code calipers – colour coded yellow
  • SRAM Guide calipers – colour coded orange
  • SRAM 2 piston calipers – colour coded green
  • TRP Downhill calipers – colour coded grey


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