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Dualco Tube Grease Gun

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Dualco Utility Grease Gun


Dualco’s 100% American made grease guns remain the only fully rebuildable guns in their class. Requiring only one hand to operate, they are ideal for working in confined areas where lever-action guns are cumbersome and inconvenient. They are able to handle multi-viscous grades of lubricant, and you can configure them to your preferences using the selection tool below.

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Proudly made in America by Dualco Inc, the original patent for the Utility Grease Guns dates all the way back to the 1930s – That’s 90 years old! The rights have changed hands a few times, but Dualco have looked after them for the past 50 years. As Dualco say, these guns are often imitated but never surpassed! – and that’s for a few reasons, keep reading for the specifics.


This gun is mutli-viscous-compatible and can handle a wide variety of greases and pastes, all the way from Slick Honey to Copper Paste.


Let’s face it, everyone’s workshop and workflow are different, one of your mates might only have a single grease gun to lubricate threads, while you might want three, one with Lithium Grease for threads, one with Waterproof Grease for bearings and one for the grease nipples on your suspension pivots.


We are offering 6 colours on these guns. They are great for having different colours for different workstations/mechanics in large workshops or for organising different types of greases/pastes, i.e. all guns filled with Motorex Bike Grease are green.

The 6 colours we are currently offering are:

  1. Black
  2. Silver
  3. Red
  4. Blue
  5. Yellow
  6. Green


Just like colours, everyone has their own preferences for tips, and with anything from a 2.5″ Narrow Tip all the way up to a Hydraulic coupler, we’ve got you covered!

We are currently offering 4 different tips:

  1. 10503 Stubby Narrow Tip
    The classic Stubby Tip is perfect for lubricating bearings or threads and provides the most accurate application of any of the tips we offer.

  2. 10546 2.5″ Narrow Tip
    Just like the Stubby Tip, the 2.5″ is great for lubricate bearings and threads, although it allows you to get into harder to reach areas around bottom brackets or inside hubs. While Dualco does manufacture longer tips, we are not currently stocking them as we find they make the guns far too top heavy and unstable. That being said, if you’re interested in custom ordering a longer tip, please send an email to
  3. 10539 Non-marring 2.5″ Narrow Tip
    The 2.5″ Non-marring tip has the same functionality as the standard 2.5″ but removes the risk of scratching delicate seals or paint thanks to a replacable Nylon end cap (replacement Nylon end caps are available here).

  4. 10588 3 Jaw Hydraulic Coupler with Stubby Tip Adaptor
    Last but not least, the Hydraulic coupler is perfect for grease nipples like those found on suspension pivots (like Santa Cruz and Intense’s VPP). For more functionality, a Stubby Tip Adaptor is included which gives you all the features of a standard Stubby-Tipped gun Too!

Durability and Serviceability

I’ve worked in plenty of workshops where decade’s old Dualco’s are still in daily use. As long as you occasionally clean them them they’ll easily last a lifetime! After all, their two moving parts are always lubricated. Servicing the guns just involves disassembling them and cleaning the four different assemblies then screwing it all back together. We don’t have a recommended time frame for when you should be servicing them as it depends on how often you use the gun and what grease/paste is inside – so just do it if you notice any leaks or the plunger is sticking.

Replacement parts are available, please send an email to


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