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Dualco Utility Grease Gun


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Dualco Tube Grease Gun


Sometimes a Dualco Utility Grease Gun is a bit overkill, that’s where the Tube Grease Gun comes in. Like the Utility, it’s 100% American made and retains the same high build quality and functionality. The gun is compatible with all 9/16 – 18 threaded grease tubes (database of compatible greases is coming soon!), and just like it’s bigger brother, they are able to handle multi-viscous grades of lubricant.

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Proudly made in America by Dualco Inc, the original patent for the Utility Grease Guns dates all the way back to the 1930s – That’s 90 years old! The rights have changed hands a few times, but Dualco have looked after them for the past 50 years. As Dualco say, these guns are often imitated but never surpassed! – and that’s for a few reasons, keep reading for the specifics.


This gun is compatible with all 9/16 – 18 UNF threaded grease tubes. I am currently working to compile a database of compatible greases. If you have any on hand you can measure the threads, or test fit, please either send us a message on Instagram or send an email to, it will be highly appreciated! Just like it’s bigger brother, the Utility Gun, the Tube Gun is mutli-viscous-compatible and can handle a wide variety of greases and pastes, all the way from Slick Honey to Copper Paste.


We are not offering customisation on Tube Grease Guns. This is for a few reasons, including keeping costs low and the fact that most grease tubes have labels with the grease type and thus custom colours are not required.

Durability and Servicability

I’ve worked in plenty of workshops where decade’s old Dualco’s are still in daily use. As long as you occasionally clean them them they’ll easily last a lifetime! After all, their two moving parts are always lubricated. Servicing the guns just involves disassembling them and cleaning the four different assemblies then putting some fresh teflon tape on the threads of the plunger and tip. We don’t have a recommended time frame for when you should be servicing them as it depends on  how often you use the gun and what grease/paste is inside – so just do it if you notice any leaks or the plunger is sticking.

Replacement parts are available, please send an email to


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