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Motorex 15 wt Fork Oil 1 L

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Dumonde Tech Pro X Freehub Oil

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Dumonde Tech Pro X Freehub Grease


Dumonde Tech’s Pro X Freehub Grease is specifically designed for freehubs that require light weight grease. Non-pawl style freehubs often recommend a grease to stay in the system’s moving parts. Standard greases (like Motorex Bike 2000 Grease) are generally too thick and can stop freehubs from engaging, and oils are generally too thin and will move away from moving parts leaving them exposed to wear due to lack of lubrication. It also has the benefit of an extremely wide temperature range and is suitable for riding at temperatures as low at -40° c. Scroll down to see which hub manufacturers recommend and use Dumonde’s Freehub Grease.

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Pro X Freehub Grease is the OE lubrication in a number of hubs including Industry 9’s Legacy, Hydra and 101 series, Stan’s NoTubes,  Erase Components, Hermes Sport and Hawk Racing. It is also recommended by the following manufacturers for use in their hubs:  We Are One Composites, Boyd Cycling, Crank Brothers, Ritchey Design and Paul Components.  Campagnolo North America recommends Pro X Freehub Grease as an alternative to their LB-100 Grease.


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