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Wera Bicycle Set 3A Ratchet, Chain Breaker, & Bit Set

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Park Tool Cyclone Chain Cleaner (CM-5.3)


Clean bicycle chains quickly, easily, and effectively without the hassle and mess of removing the chain from the bike. Park Tool’s CM-5.3 uses an extra-large solvent reservoir and a series of four rotating brushes to get chains sparkling clean inside and out. A magnet at the bottom of the CM-5.3’s solvent reservoir draws away particles scrubbed from the chain, effectively keeping them from being redistributed on the chain during cleaning. The durable sponge material draws solvent from the chain as it exits the CM-5.3, reducing drips and mess.

The CM-5.3 can handle any bike-specific chain, from wide 3/16″ single-speed* to narrow 12 and 13-speed. A reversible handle allows the chain to pass through forwards or backwards for compatibility with centre drive e-bikes.

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