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Shimano Pro Brake Bleed Funnel (TL-BR003 / TL-BR002)


Shimano’s Bleed Funnels are an essential part of every Shimano Bleed Kit!

The NEW Pro Funnels feature a more durable material allowing their threads to last longer than the old BL-M575 Funnels.

They are also bigger so you’ll need to top them up less (if at all) even when bleeding 4 piston brakes with long hoses. There’s now a rubber rim on the funnels too, giving you a place to store the stopper and reducing the risk of spills. Speaking of spills, the base is now larger so there’s less chance of knocking it over on your workbench (we can confirm this is not a fun thing to do 😔).

Last but not least there’s now a dedicated Road Funnel (although you can still use the old Shimano Road Funnel Adaptor to use the MTB Funnel on Road Systems).

MTB Funnel: M5*0.8 mm threads; TL-BR003; WP-Y13000100.

Road Funnel: M7*0.75 mm threads; TL-BR002; WP-Y13000090.

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MTB Funnel:

M5*0.8 mm threads



Compatible Brake Systems:

XTR BL-M9100, BL-M9120, BL-M9000, BL-M9020
Deore XT BL-M8100, BL-M8000
SLX BL-M7100
Deore BL-M6100, BL-M4100
BL-MT200, BL-MT201, BL-MT401, BL-MT402-3A, BL-MT501
Saint BL-M820-B
Alivio ST-M4050
Acera ST-EF505
Deore XT Trekking BL-T8100
Deore Trekking BL-T6000
Dura Ace ST-R9180
Alfine BL-S7000

Road Funnel:

M7*0.75 mm threads



Compatible Brake Systems:

Dura Ace ST-R9120, ST-R9170
Ultegra ST-R8020, ST-R8025, ST-R8070
105 ST-R7020, ST-R7025
Tiagra ST-4720, ST-4725
GRX BL-RX600, BL-RX810, ST-RX400, ST-RX600, ST-RX810, ST-RX810-L


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