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Smoove Lube with Lubretta Applicator

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Smoove Universal Chain Lube, now equipped with the patented Luberetta Applicator cap for precision application without the mess! Smoove stands as a durable and versatile bicycle chain lubricant suitable for all terrains, excelling in dry, wet, muddy, or sunny conditions. Its exceptional longevity outlasts many other chain lubricants, reducing chain wear and extending the lifespan of drivetrain components. The formula’s enduring performance in challenging conditions is underscored by its self-cleansing, 100% biodegradable, and solvent-free nature. Smoove not only provides lasting lubrication but also diminishes friction, unlocking optimal performance for your bike.

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The application process is simple and effective: apply Smoove™ to a clean, dry chain, ensuring even coverage on the inside while turning the pedals. Allow the lube to dry for at least an hour, with the best results achieved when applied the night before. Avoid wiping the chain after application to prevent residue accumulation. Love your chain – choose Smoove™ for a smoother, cleaner, and more efficient biking experience.


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