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Tecnogi Series 305F Torque Wrench


Pedro’s Fixed Torque Driver

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Tecnogi Series 305 Torque Wrench


With a 3-15 Nm range and an all-metal construction Tecnogi’s 305 is the perfect addition to your toolbox. Calibration conforms to ISO 6789:2017-1 with ±4% accuracy for 5000 cycles (clicks) or 1 year. To top it all off, the 1/4″ square head is one of the smallest ratcheting heads on the market and perfect for hard to reach spots such as saddle clamps or suspension pivots.

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Tecnogi make professional torque tools with ❤️ in Milano, Italy. Despite manufacturing some of the cycling industry’s most popular wrenches, they’ve managed to stay under the radar and keep a very low profile.


The 305 is fitted with a reversible 64 POE (points of engagement) ratcheting head – that’s more POE than most hubs out there! While the ratcheting head is larger than the Tecnogi 305F fixed (non-ratcheting) torque wrench head, I’ve only come across a handful I couldn’t reach building and servicing bikes with the 305 for the past year or so.

As for bits, the 305 has a 1/4 inch square male head so you’ll need a 1/4 square to 1/4 hex adaptor to use 1/4 bits. If you’re in need of some bits, we sell a sweet little custom package of 10 PB Swiss C6 bits in a Bit Block with all the bits you need to torque the bolts on your bike!

All Metal Construction

One of the most unique features, and probably the best part of the 300 Series is their 100% metal construction. The anodised aluminium shell keeps the wrench light, while the steel head and internals keeps it durable and reliable. This also means there’s no plastic to crack or rubber to perish, and no risk of oil melting a handle when working on suspension forks. The body also sports a knurled finish so your hands won’t slip and drop the tool even when you are playing with oil and grease.


Simply turn the knob on the bottom to align the indicator line with the desired torque on the indicator window. Tecnogi have been very deliberate with their focus to keep the 305 series compact, and if you regularly travel or use a small toolbox, you’ll appreciate the extra size saving. But the trade-off for that compact size is a relatively small adjuster knob, which, while still perfectly functional, can be a bit slower to use than other models. Tecnogi haven’t overlooked that though and have fitted the 305 with a 4 mm hex head, so keep your favourite hex keys close and wind through the range faster than all the torque wrenches I’ve used (there’s been a lot).


All 300 Series torque wrenches conform to ISO 6789:2017-1 with ±4% accuracy for 5000 cycles (clicks) or 1 year – whichever comes first. While that’s the ISO standard, for most of you, especially if you’re not a professional workshop, will find that you don’t need to calibrate it anywhere near that often. Just remember to wind it back to 0 Nm every time you finish using it. Any good local torque wrench calibration service should be able to do it for you, although we’re currently working on a service so you can send your torque wrenches straight back to us for calibration.


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