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Wera Safe-Torque A2 Torque Wrench, Bit & Socket Set


Wera Safe-Torque Speed Torque Driver 1 – 3 Nm & Bit Set 7510/14

Wera safe torque speed driver and fabric pouch on white background

Wera A2 Safe Torque Wrench 2-12Nm


Wera’s Safe Torque A2 is capable of measuring torque in both directions (clockwise and anti-clockwise) and features their slip-over release mechanism to prevent over tightening once the preset torque (2 to 12 Nm) is reached. The A2 also features Wera’s Torque Lock function, allowing you to transform it into a standard ratchet – perfect for travel toolboxes! It’s 5° ratchet ensures usability even in tight spaces, especially when combined with the 1/4″ Hex Drive.

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