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Wera Long Hex Plus Stainless Multicolour Set 1 (3950/9 1)


Wera Kraftform Driver and P Handle Bicycle Big Pack 1

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Wera Hex Plus & Torx P Handle Holding Function Bicycle Set 6


Wera’s Bicycle Set 6 is the ultimate Hex and Torx key set for your workshop!

Sitting on the included steel rack you’ll find 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, & 10 mm Hex along with Torx T10, T20, & T25 P Handle keys.

Every key features a large ergonomic handle and Wera’s “Take it easy” Tool Finder with colour coding according to profile and a large size indicator on top of each handle. The Hex keys use Wera’s patented Hex Plus profile which offers a larger contact surface with your fastener, significantly reducing the risk of stripping fasteners out. Sizes 3-10 also feature Wera’s Holding Function (HF) which features a sprung ball bearing on the ball end of the keys allowing the keys to ‘hold’ fastenings, even non-magnetic ones. The Torx Keys also feature HF, but use a special profile rather than a ball bearing to hold your fastener. Last but not least, all keys feature Wera’s special surface treatment which provides outstanding surface protection, even against corrosion, and ensures a long service life.

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